AIGA Las Vegas Workshow Gala

This past Saturday, Bureau 149 was in full effect at Las Vegas’ The Celebrity, a nightclub joint in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Chapter of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) hosted a swanky awards show where Bill Grant of Grant Design Collaborative did a fantastic job as emcee. Ryan volunteered his time helping guests at registration (nice lavender shirt by the way, bro). The night was in full swing as designers, art directors, creative directors, photogs, copywriters, you name it mixed it up to celebrate the winners, drink and party!
Of course, Bureau 149 joined the melee. It was interesting to learn that a lot of the people who own their own shops actually used to work together in the same studio at one point. Las Vegas, I realized, was a small town still in terms of the talent pool heirarchy. The advantage for Bureau 149 is that we never worked with these people so we have that “Dark Horse” element working for us. We are, IMHO, one of Las Vegas’ best kept secrets.

I’d like to note that during the festivities, current chapter president, Mike Hopper (Sin City Madmen —, approached me and told me that he still believes I am the best candidate for the next presidency. I humbly offered my thanks and appreciation for his enthusiasm and his support. I’m not going to lie. I am very much interested in taking that post because when I do, I will set things in motion for Las Vegas that could change the landscape of professional creativity forever.

Ryan is poised to assume the post of Director of Interactive Media for the chapter and has already garnered the support of a few of the board members. If and when we take on these new roles, we’ll work together to make the organization stronger and better.

Look for a follow-up to this update for the actual winners of the Workshow. There were a number of worthy winners to which we humbly acknowledge with a nod and a smile. Next year, it’s on!


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Executive Summary

My objective is to insert myself firmly within the professional design community to develop key partnerships, expand my knowledge and understanding of design’s role in business, and contribute my time and talents towards meaningful initiatives that affect not only designers/creatives but society as well.

My experience includes retail, real estate, architecture, urban development, general market advertising, and online marketing technologies. As much as possible, I insist on basing persuasive, clear visual design on sound business strategies.
Arnold Dela Cruz’s Specialties:

Branding, corporate identity, print, advertising, marketing, point-of-purchase, web design, broadcast media, illustration, storyboarding, off-line editing, copy writing, casting, directing