[The Typekit Blog] Sites we like: Polldaddy, Designers & Books, Dan Higbie

This week’s sites we like features three FontFonts in three unique designs.

Screenshot of Polldaddy.com

Polldaddy is the most powerful and easy-to-use survey software around. FF Tisa feels authoritative but friendly in large headlines. Note the two pixel white text-shadow that suggests the text is pressed into the subtly textured background.

Screenshot of Designers and Books

Designers & Books features a lovely and austere layout by Pentagram using FF Dagny. Originally designed for Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, FF Dagny serves exceptionally well in minimalist designs such as this one.

Screenshot of DanHigbie.com

Dan Higbie‘s site also features FF Dagny and FF Tisa. Equally handsome is his latest post which sports Corner Store and Bello in an inspiring masthead. The curved baseline lends a bit of realism to Corner Store’s hand-painted style, courtesy Lettering.js and some carefully-applied CSS rotate transforms.

That’s all for this week! As always, share sites that you like in the comments.

With most modern browsers supporting @font-face nowadays, tons of web designers have flocked to Typekit as the definitive source for reliable fonts. Not only are they reliable — Typekit takes the pain of hosting fonts — but they are legally licensed, web-only fonts. Typekit handles the relationships and protections necessary to working with the finest type foundries, so that all designers need to focus on are implementing a line of JavaScript to their code and doing what they love to do best — design beautiful websites.

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