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The Illustrative Work of Alexey Kurbatov


Far East Movement : Electronic Phonic Knowledge

Kinda reminds me of the HP television spots. What do you think of the execution on the mograph and animation? Well synced? Inspiring? I wanna hear your comments 🙂

Fastest Men Alive! Flash 8 by `Artgerm

Leave me alone by ~palax

Incredible typography poster.

My Blackberry Isn’t Working!

Gotta love the sense of humor of our friends across the pond.

Cool western typefaces: Cowboyslang

Saw a buddy of mine, George Garrastegui @Creative_Guru, tweet this this morning. Thought I’d share.

Western fonts, i.e. ones that are evocative of the American Wild Wild West, are plentiful and they often seem to look generic and typical. Cowboyslang, by Hannes von Doehren, stands apart with its contemporary approach.

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Typedesigner Hannes von Doehren created Cowboyslang, a display typefamily with a Wild West flair. It consists of three widths plus fitting ornaments. Although it is based on the slab serif typefaces from the nineteenth century Von Dohren gave it a contemp…


FAIL Blog. Literally.

Curses the servers at Tumblr for blocking me from cross-posting my content (read: “Shit everywhere so everyone can smell it”).

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