Orkut: The Twitter Killer

I’m Kickin’ Twitter to the Curb…sorta.

Oh yeah, Orkut is going to be my Twitter killer for sure. It is everything Twitter is and more. It’s lightweight and not too cumbersome. Why this? It’s integrated with my Google account. I can chat in real time while sharing pictures, videos and all that good stuff. No TwitPics or yFrog or Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, it’s kinda like that. But what I like about it is that it’s still kinda underground. See, Twitter is still the media darling and it’s getting tiresome. I’m sorta bored with Twitter. It’s losing its flavor as far as I’m concerned — kinda like when you chew gum for too long and it gets kinda gross after a while.

“Oh yeah, Orkut is going to be my Twitter killer for sure.”

So if you happen to read this article, why not come by and friend me on Orkut? Look for Arnold Dela Cruz and look for that crazy pic of me at Brian Head, Utah. 

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