Fireworks PNG Template | 12-col Typographic Grid #webdesign #resources

Just wanted to share this template I set up in Fireworks in the hopes it will be used to help you design site mock-ups using a standard CSS based grid. It includes a layer (you have to open it up with Fireworks CS3+ to see them) with a 12-column grid and horizontal grids for setting type (base on the writings of Richard Rutter of clearleft and Mark Boulton of markboulton-design). The column grids are from whlle the horizontal gridlines are from CSS Trick‘s “Typographic Grid”
The principles of good design and typography apply to the web as much as it does in print.
I encourage you to save these links as references in your online bookshelf (i.e. social bookmarks). If anyone is interested, bureau149 has a profile on delicious and we’ve amassed quite a bit of material since we started it less than a year ago. It won’t take long for you to get familiar with how to use the site. Feel free to peruse and save our bookmarks as your own if you wish.
Richard Rutter
Mark Boulton
To get the Fireworks template, visit my drop at

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