Blog Trends: Hashtags Will Dominate Blog Post Titles

A few days ago, Mashable’s Adam Ostrow posted an article touting the marketing savvy of Moonfruit, a company offering the same services as Squarespace – you can design your website in a web browser using WYSIWIG interface and it already comes with hosting. The company is also mimicing a promotional campaign Squarespace launched a few weeks ago to promote it’s services using Twitter. The article claims that Moonfruit’s effort is smarter and contrasts it with Squarespace’s. You could argue that it’s due to the fact that Moonfruit is offering a bigger-ticket item — a free MacBook Pro whereas Squarespace was only offering a free iPhone.
That’s not where the genius lies.
The genius lies in the use of the hashtag “#moonfruit” in the title of the Mashable article.
As an avid user of Twitter, WordPress and feed readers, I have feeds from Mashable going directly to my company’s Twitter account ( ). I noticed one day a post with a hashtag already appended to the Tweet — #moonfruit. At first I was befuddled because I didn’t recall ever setting my feeds to use that term. When I checked the tinyurl, I realized that the tag came from within the article’s title itself.
Adam’s insertion in the title was genius on four fronts. First, it was what the article was about so readers who use Twitter would hone in on it. Secondly, he knew it would post automatically to both his and Mashable’s Twitter streams. Third, it would be indexed by Google as tons of people aware of the promotion would no doubt use the hashtag and therefore cause it to trend (it’s currently the top trend on Twitter). And finally, it would of course pit him in the running to win a MacBook. Duh! You think he wrote that article just to throw props to Moonfruit?
My forecast? We’ll see a growing trend in hashtagged post titles (since there are tons of WP2Twitter plugins) and then modified versions of these plugins that will auto append blog tags or categories as hashtags to Tweets.
We’ll also start to see copycats in other industries attempting to use this format if it proves successful.
I’m already thinking of developing a plugin that will search for tags in a blogpost and auto append them to the titles in Tweets. Now how much do you wanna bet someone else will also think of that idea or see this post and try to make it happen?
Gotta love the web and the “me first” mentality.
This post was written by Arnold Dela Cruz | Follow him on Twitter @arnoldDC71 @standup4design and @bureau149

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