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Motherload Collection of Inspirational Website Design Collections

Published on Wednesday, June 17 2009 3 interesting comments


Over the past several months and last year many other blogs have compiled their list of web design inspiration – so in case you missed them here is the Motherload Collection organized into categories for your convenience!

Business Inspirational Collections


» 21 Simple But Impressive Corporate Websites of Top Brands

» 30 Most Inspiring Business Websites

» 30 Beautiful Real Estate Websites

» 50 Excellent Corporate Website Designs

» 40 of the Best Websites of Non-Profit Organizations

» 50 Inspirational E-Commerce Websites

» Corporate Showcases and Typographic Resources

Color Inspirational Collections


» 30 Beautifully Blue Web Designs

» 50 Beautifully Dark Web Designs

» 40 Inspirational Black & White Websites

» 25 Inspirational Black Websites

» 35 Black Web Designs That Show Us That Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back

» 33 Nicely Designed And Well-Colored But Simple Web Designs

Portfolio Inspirational Collections


» 50 Excellent Designer Portfolio Sites

» 25 Gorgeous Graphic Designer Folios

» Top 25 Amazing and Original Portfolio Designs of 2008

Misc. Inspirational Collections


» Amazing 2008 November Websites

» Top 100 Web Designs of 2008

» 100 Websites With Outstanding Artistic Design

Typography Inspirational Collections


» 27 Beautiful, Typography-based Web Designs

» 15 Beautiful Typography Inspired Websites

» 101 Examples of Text Treatments on the Web

» 20 Examples Of Dark & Minimalist Website Designs With Great Typography

» 40 Beautiful Examples of Minimalism in Web Design

» 20 Elegant & Clean Websites

» Stunning Modern Websites Design

CSS Inspirational Collections


» 30+ Awesome CSS Websites

» The Best CSS Designs of 2008

» 50 great websites designs for your inspiration

‘This N That’ Inspirational Collections


» 30 Beautiful Menu Examples

» 30 Beautiful Website Footer Designs

» 50 Inspirational Website Introductions

» 36 Beautiful Login Page/Form Designs

» 50 Beautiful Websites with Illustrated Landscapes

» 50 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Web Design

» Showcase of Beautiful iPhone App Websites

» 35 Inspirational Software and Application Websites

» 25 Great Examples of Using Gradient Effects in Web Designs

» 41 Sleek Single Page Websites

» 50 Monochromatic Website Designs

This is it people. No need to Google, follow Tweets, or check your RSS feed. Brian, founder of The Design Cubicle (@TDCbrand) has found and aggregated one of the most comprehensive collection of design inspiration websites ever attempted in a single blog post. You’d best bookmark it!

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