Googled “Pretentious Designers”

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Since I work in design myself I can only applaud the statement above. Too many times I have met and worked with pretentious designers, who really think design can change the world.

But usually they never lift a finger to help other people – they are just obsessed with “pretty” or “cool” stuff.


You have to laugh and scratch your head. There is a ring of truth to the commentary regarding this design. Sure, design may not save the world but it can be used in powerful ways to help improve it for its inhabitants. Not all designers are all type and no action. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside volunteer designers in several charitable causes. Still, I’ve seen my fair share of these “pretentious fucks”.

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    • Amy
    • July 9th, 2012

    It sounds like design really can change the world but pretentious designers who never lift a finger is the only thing stopping it from happening. We need to elevate design for the greater good and redefine what it means to be a designer. To be a designer should be more about prioritizing our designs to have a social impact and much less about being just an object maker. And, yes this may mean we need to analyze the way we spend money and the way we, as designers, perpetuate the need for more stuff. So let’s shut up and start this design revolution already!

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