Blog Advice Over Beer?

Beer & Blog

Tonight marks a rare occasion when I crawl from the dark hole that I call my apartment and venture out into the public domain. There aren’t alot of things or people that can lure me out from the safety and solitude of my creative laboratory, but tonight there is one thing that beckons. Okay, make that two things.  and blogs. What do the two share in common and why would these two things comple me to shower, shave, dress somewhat decent, and drive across town?

Well, there’s a new group of people who gather ’round a few pints (or kegs) of brew to talk blogs. It’s bloggers talking with bloggers. Anything from help, tips, advice, or just talking shop happens at “Beer & Blog” (a.k.a. ‘#bnblv’ on Twitter). Being a bit of a newbie at blogging myself, the light bulb came on. “I love beer! And I’m passionate about social media! I think I’ll join these chaps for a few brewskis and pick their brains and maybe have a laugh over something we’ll Tweet about all day the next day.

Well, if you’re reading this post and you’re a blogger or have an interest in blogging living here in Las Vegas, get your tail down to the Freakin’ Frog for some good times and advice. Peace out!

  1. mm… thanks 🙂

  2. hmm… funny 🙂

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