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Is Print Dying?

In the 90s, DAviD caRsoZ, renowned designer and typographer, came out with a book called, “The End of Print.” It was a visual canon of his early work with experimental typography and design using Photoshop and other digital-based solutions. I thought it was curious that a print designer would title his first book as such. Over the past 10 years or so, I’ve begun to see more than just a ring of truth to those words.

With the continuing rise and use of the Web and digital media for research, news, entertainment, shopping, advertising, communication, etc., what do you think the future or print will be? Do you think we will begin to see an increasingly more interactive world and less print? Will kindergartners bring tablet Macs or PCs to school instead of notebooks and pencils or maybe even just a thumb drive?

It’s been a while since I’ve read a book. I still read magazines though yet I’ve been watching the trends in technology and how people use them. It’s so crazy. Now when I need to get information about something, I just pull my iPhone out, hit Safari and Google until I find what I’m looking for and then slip my iPhone back into my pocket. Amazing.

So offer your thoughts here about the dynamic that’s occurring between the print and interactive worlds.